Gartner Report:

"Almost all successful attacks originate from the public internet, and browser based attacks are the leading source of attacks on users."

In this report, Gartner highlights browser and plug-in vulnerabilities and analyzes the benefits of isolation which is considered one of the most significant ways to reduce web-based attacks. 

According to the report: "Since the vast majority of attacks on enterprises are carried over the public internet, simply moving the browsing process directly from the end-user device and getting it off of the enterprise network will reduce the impact of an attack."

Download this complimentary report to learn:

  • Why web attacks are a leading source of breaches
  • What is isolation and how it stops web attacks
  • How organizations should evaluate isolation










gartner_report_report_image.png It's Time to Isolate Your Users From the Internet Cesspool With Remote  Browsing, Neil MacDonald, Sep 30th, 2016.

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